Our favorite clients are companies that are good environmental stewards.

Ben Bosah and Company is an environmental management consulting company specializing in issues affecting small and medium size businesses. We are a multi-media environmental company assisting companies in improving their operations and complying with environmental rules and regulations. While our main focus is to ensure compliance with all environmental rules and regulations, we also assist companies in developing processes that improve their operations, productivity and profitability. While we will focus on the clients need for retaining us, we find it is very helpful to our clients for us to look at their activities in a global manner with a different set of eyes. A comprehensive and thorough overview of the our clients activities allows us to identify areas of process improvement. From wastewater characterization to stack testing, Ben Bosah and Company

Our services include, but are not, limited to the following:

· ISO 14001 Implementation
· Air and Water Permitting
· Air Pollution Control Equipment Design and Procurement
· Stack Testing

· Facilities that control their air emissions using air pollution control equipment are required to perform stack tests. These stack tests are performed initially after the installation of the air pollution control equipment and periodically to ensure they are meeting the performance criteria included in the permit to install for the emissions units which they control.

· Waste and Wastewater Characterization
· Emissions Inventory
· Compliance Assessments
· Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization Assessments
· Environmental Audits
· Best Available Technology Studies
· Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments
· Environmental Training
· Hazardous Waste Contingency Plans
· Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans
· Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plans
· Maximum Achievable Control Technology Assessments
· Solid and Hazardous Waste Management

Our main goal is to assist your company in assuring legal and regulatory compliance and optimizing your processes and operations to maintain competitive advantage.

Since we believe in partnerships with our client companies, we first seek to understand the management and the operations of the companies. If it is determined that the need for our services exists and management is committed to the principal of excellent environmental stewardship, Ben Bosah and Company will conduct a detailed survey related to the area where we have been contacted to assist and come up with a comprehensive approach that creates a roadmap to completion and compliance.

For companies wanting to establish a leading edge environmental management organization, we start our work with a top down analysis. The phases of a typical environmental process improvement project are detailed below:

Analysis Phase

· Review the current environmental organization (structure, roles & responsibilities)
· Conduct interviews with environmental and operational staff and management
· Review key environmental documentation e.g. permits, records and reports
· Document current environmental processes (AS IS) identifying the key tasks, hand offs, linkages and potential process deficiencies.
· Validate process diagrams with environmental and operational staff/management
· Compare current practices to best practices
· Formulate key action steps and prioritize improvement opportunities

Design Phase

· Design and document new environmental organization
· Design and document new environmental and operational processes (TO BE), policies, procedures and procedural flows.
· Develop performance measurement criteria
· Implement quick wins
· Validate new processes with environmental and operational staff and management and refine processes if necessary.
· Develop implementation plan


· Implement organizational, process and procedural changes
· Implement system related changes/enhancements (if applicable)
· Pilot test new processes
· Monitor new processes
· Refine processes as required
· Coordinate training of procurement staff on new processes

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